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Lebanese Street Food

Falafel, Kafta, Lamb, Chicken, Salads, Dips, Baklava & more

About Falafel Zaman

We decided to create Falafel Zaman to bring to Australia the flavours and tastes of the original Beirut falafel. The name Zaman means ‘old time’ in Arabic.  Falafel Zaman is the original old time Beirut falafel. Falafels have been the favourite food for thousands of years in the Middle East. The main ingredient in the falafels are chickpeas and fava beans which carry high sources of nutrition and is classified as a superfood. As a young boy eating falafel with his father in Beirut, the tastes and flavours of the street has inspired the creation of the original Beirut falafel to his new homeland Australia. The concept of Falafel Zaman is to have good quality, freshly cooked Lebanese street food for all to enjoy. Falafel Zaman opened for business in Neutral Bay in April 2015. Falafel Zaman makes all the food on premises. The falafel is the signature food. Best enjoyed in a sandwich (wrapped in lebanese bread with tahini sauce, parsley/mint/tomato salad and pickles). The flavours of the traditional sandwich is a pleasure that only one who eats can describe. We have also incorporated other traditional street food such as Kafta, Lamb fillets and Chicken. All served in the traditional Beirut way with the special sauces and pickles. All the dips are made on premises. The Hommus, Garlic, Baba Ganoush and Labneh are so fresh and the flavours are exquisite. Traditional Middle Eastern sweet Baklava is also on the menu. Our pleasure is to see our customers enjoy the traditional street food and come back for more.
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